amilouisparisFounded in 1931 by PéPé LOUIS, Our First Restaurant was, in the very beginning a Bar-Brasserie, situated opposite the Palace of Exhibitions (le CNIT) in Paris, where later on the Grand Arch of « la Défense » was built.

" Le Cap d'Agde ".

 Having agreed things with his wife, the pair subcontracted out their Parisian business and came down south to the sunny south of France with their whole family where they opened a new "AMI LOUIS" on the quay at Port Brescou where Joseph regaled his customers with his good humour and beaming smile.

Their two sons Jean-Louis and Jérôme ABADIE took over the management in that year and in 2003 Vincent ABADIE, the eldest of Joseph's grandchildren joined the team, bringing a fourth generation into the family restaurant.